2 boys and their allowances 

So a few weeks ago I asked my friends on Facebook if they gave allowances, if so how much and what for. I received a lot of responses with great insight and advice. (Ihave great friends who should rule the world someday.) I spent the better part of two weeks really thinking about the purpose of why I wanted to give my boys allowances in the first place and what I could truly afford in the way of allowances. In the end I wanted my boys to appreciate money. To learn how to save and to give. I decided that it didn’t really matter how much money I gave them. Some money is better than no money and with that the journey begins.

I took some suggestions from a few different people and this is what I came up with. 

First I started with jars and paper for my labels. Mason jars are a staple of decorating at my house so it made sense to use mason jars.

Second I created three simple labels that I attached to the jars. Their names and a tag for fines if their duties are not completed. Nothing special. I want the focus to be what we’re doing not where it’s going. 

Third I created the charts for the first week. I thought about the things I wanted them to be responsible for. I struggled with this. Some of my friends already had their kids doing their own laundry and I was nowhere near that. I found myself wanting them to be more independent but still wanting them to be little boys. But I finally settled on responsibilities I thought were appropriate. My older son did end up with one more responsibility than my younger son. Here was the end result. 

We started today! Ekk! Instead of washing their own clothes I have them folding their own clothes. I felt it was a great compromise.

I told my boys I was going to be strick with the rules and we had one fine tonight. No tears though so I take that as a success. One step at a time….one step at a time….