8 successful tips for a Fabulous Garage Sale 

Thinking about planning a garage sale? Read on to find 8 successful tips to hosting a fabulous sale. 

1. Pick a day or days 
The first thing you want to do it pick when you are going to have your garage sale. That doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Wrong. Holidays and city event days are bad for business. People are either traveling or out enjoying the local activities not shopping at your sale so make sure you pick a weekend with relatively nothing going on so people will want to get out to your place for something to do.

Decide if you want a one day sale or a multi-day sale. If you have a lot of stuff a two-day sale might be better but don’t get to hating it because your tired of taking the stuff in and putting it out again. A one day sale can be just as good.

2. Label everything before the sale begins 

Hopefully your sale is full of people. If so, no one wants to be waiting around to get your attention to find out a price. More than likely they will walk away without buying it or anything else. Using labels like these that can be bought just about everywhere is easy. It even helps you with deciding how much to price things. Painters tape is also good. It can be written on to describe what something is and the price. Works well on sheets, blankets and curtains.

3. Group like items together

Serious garage sale shoppers almost always have something in mind they are looking for. They will give your sale a once over maybe even from the car. If it’s disorganized they won’t stick around. Make sure they can find what they are looking for. A few of my categories are kitchen, games and toys, crafts, holiday, linens, clothes, baby.

4. Have Plenty of Change 

People will pay with all types of money, make sure you are ready for them. Make sure you have a variety of change and bills ranging from 1s to 20s. You never know if they just came from the bank.

Make sure you have a person and a place designated for the money so that shoppers don’t have to wander around trying to find someone to pay. It also keeps your money safe so someone doesn’t walk off with it.

5. Save your Signs from Year to Year

If you host an annual sale keep using the same signs! Avid garage sale shoppers will recognize your signs and if they like what they saw they will stop again. Even if you put an ad in the paper or put it in social media a lot of shoppers will just be driving around the neighborhood so make sure they can find you.

6. Layout

Make sure that your tables are set up so that people can get around. If you have a lot of customers, which I hope you do, you want to make sure they can see all you have to offer. Big sellers like books, clothes or toys should be set out in a way that they can’t be missed.

7. Have a Multi-family Sale

People will drive by to see what you have to offer. The more you have the more it will draw people to you. Tip for multi-family sales:  Make sure that you find a way to keep track of who is who’s when labeling and when taking money so that everyone gets the money they made. Celebrate with lunch or a dinner out with your earnings.

8. Save the Big Items you don’t sell

Donating unsold items is a great way to get rid of what is left, you can even get a slip for a tax donation. However, bigger items or even just popular items can be sold on garage sale sites on Facebook or social networking sites.  You might even be able to get more money then you were asking for.

That’s it! Your ready for a mind-blowing garage sale!  The most important advice is to have fun. Get excited about where you will spend your extra money. Maybe a home improvement project or a new outfit. The more you’re looking forward to it the more fun it will be.