Arino Blackhead Removal Tool

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As a busy mom I have to say beauty products and skin care are kinda at the low end of my to do lists. I don’t spend a lot of money or time attending to my skin care needs. ( I know I’m a disgrace to all women out there!) so when the opportunity to review this product came up I was pretty excited! A tool that removes blackheads!  Who couldn’t use help in that area?

I ordered the Arino Blackhead  Removal tool from Amazon Prime, hoping it would teach me how to get rid of blackheads on my nose, and it arrived two days later.

Pretty fancy for the price, $39.99. Being a person who doesn’t spend much time on their skin care, I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated. But when I got the box open I was relieved to find detailed instructions. 

I found these to be the most help when getting started. Since I don’t have a steam machine I used a hot wash cloth. In the future I think I will take a hot shower and use the tool right when I get out. 

First I sat with the hot washcloth on my face for ten minutes. I did reset the cloth a few times to make sure my my face was staying warm. 

Next I choose the large Round hole beauty head and began at my chin moving upward as the directions had indicated. 

Might I just say here, the Suction on this tool was no joke. It would have no problem removing blackheads. I wasn’t even using it at high power and it really adhered to my face. If there was something to be sucked, it was coming up. The other thing I really liked about this tool was that it changed sounds when it wasn’t placed on the face properly so I knew if I was using it right. For an inexperienced beauty tool person this is a great feature. 

When I had completed my chin, cheeks and forehead, I changed heads, and moved to the oval head for lips, noses, and eyes. I did have some difficulty with the nose, which I was a little disappointed in, because this is the place my face has the most issues. It did work great on my eyes, eyebrows and lips. 

Now, here came my favorite part of the whole product. The microcrystals head.

This was the best part of the tool. It made my face feel so good I didn’t want to stop using it. I probably went over my face three or four times. This head can be used on the whole face. 

Once I had completed all the heads it suggested you use a cold washcloth to close your pores so I did before I applied moisturizer. 

My cheeks are a little red but I didn’t think it was anything to be alarmed of. And after the moisturizer…

I honestly couldn’t get over how smooth my face felt. I keep touching it. I even called my husband at work to tell him I had used the tool and you guessed it, HOW SMOOTH MY FACE WAS! Even the next day I was still touching it and remarking on how great my face felt. 

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Overall, I thought this tool was great. Again, I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was after only one use. I will definitely continue using this!!

This is a sponsored post and does have affiliate links attached. For more information on sponsored posts and affiliate links visit my Disclosure  page.