Alternatives to Carving Pumpkins

I love the fall season, and it all starts with the month of October! So much fun stuff to do during the holiday months. Although I love Halloween I really dislike carving pumpkins. It’s messy, never seems to get all the way cleaned up and it smells. Having said that, I do love to decorate with pumpkins and my kids love to decorate period! So I have come up with three ways to have those cutely decorated pumpkins without all the prep time, mess and clean up. The best part? No matter how soon or late you choose to decorate your pumpkins will last longer since your not cutting them.

Painting Pumpkins

I know what your thinking….I am no artist! Neither am I. But it’s all about being creative. Last year I got out the newspaper and paints and let my kids go to town. They loved it. It didn’t have to be perfect and they got to use their own ideas to create a masterpiece. You can paint a few different ways. One; You can paint a Halloween scene, maybe a graveyard or a spooky house scene. 2; You could paint the whole pumpkin as something, such as a ghost or a witch.

Painting pumpkinsPumpkin painting
Using Household Materials 

This seems funny but the cutest pumpkin I ever created was made out of gauze from a first aid kit and some googly eyes. It created the cutest mummy!! If you have any old craft materials lying around you could make a patchwork ghost or possibly a scarecrow with straw glued to the pumpkin and a few accessories. Really like painting, the sky is the limit here.

Mummies out of gauze Mummies out of gauze

Store Bought Pumpkin Decorations

In the Halloween section of any major store ( I found mine at Wal-Mart) They sell faces that stick right into the pumpkin. My kids have always loved these because they could do it themselves. The fun thing is they come in all types. Ones for girls, ones for boys, regular Halloween figures. They add such personalities to the pumpkins and the front porch! There are also cute outs and stickers! I picked up this set at the dollar store and it creates 4 pumpkins!

Pumpkin decorations Alternatives to carving pumpkinsStick in pumpkin decorations
Foam pumpkin stickers
Whether you’re a traditional holiday decorator or a think out of the box decorator make some time to do something together to create those holiday memories. Wanting to think outside the box this year? Check out this link for some other really cool ideas for decorating this Halloween!

Trying something new this year with your pumpkin decorating? We would love to know what it is. Leave your ideas and pictures in the comments.


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  1. Hah it seems that you had a lot of fun especially the kids. I will definitely try some of your tips. The pumpkins look so professional. Thanks for sharing. have a great party in Tuesday.

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