Welcome to It’s A Coupon Clipping, Garage Sale Shopping Kinda Life

Hi! I’m Catherine, Welcome to my lifestyle blog! I’m married and have two boys and three dogs and I currently teach 5th grade. This blog captures my adventure of being a working mom who cooks, cleans, walks the dog, plays taxi and tries to live a healthy lifestyle in between. I love reading, binge watching Netflix at 10:00 at night and drinking non-coffee containing drinks at Starbucks while browsing Amazon for good kindle deals.
My daily life is spent running here, there and everywhere with my kids, job and responsibilities of running a home. Our money is stretched thin and I do what I can shopping ads, clipping coupons and shopping thrift stores and garage sales. I truly believe “One mans trash is another mans treasure!” It’s all about perspective.  If you’re like me trying to make ends meet, trying to be a good wife and mother and balancing a career then stick around! This blog is for you! You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram under clippingandsavin and Twitter under clippinandsavin!

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