My shoe space is in desperate need of a transformation! I have Marie Kondoed the rest of my space (if you don’t know what that is where have you been 😉) just kidding. She wrote the book ” The life changing magic of tidying up” best book I ever read for cleaning and transforming your life! Anyway my shoes were not feeling loved and I wanted to show them love. I tried all kind of shoe storage that was to small, to big, wasn’t good for my space etc. etc. and have left my shoes to look like this…..

Not very Marie Kondo. So this morning I was super excited to find the cubbies. When I got home I played around with repurposing them with paint or paper and then just decided they were good the way I bought them. So I set out to organize the shoes. I always am hoping for more space on my side of the closet but it never seems to be there! Only one cubby fit in my tiny space. So I thanked three pairs of shoes for their service and put the rest away. Here is the end result…..

The best storage solution I’ve had so far. I wish both of them would have fit but those are the brakes. The cubby was $2 and well worth it. Now the other cubby….I’m thinking a classroom storage solution of some sort. A future post….