The 1970s Table 

While shopping at a Habitat for Humanity Repurpose store I found this bueaty. She was sitting out front calling my name. My husband not so sure the 70s should come back to live in our home wanted me to browse the store to see if I found anything else that might tickle my fancy more than the table. (Just a ploy to get me to forget about the table), but I was on to his game. I looked around the whole store but really was thinking about the table the whole time. When we were done I clapped my hands together and said “ok let’s get the table!” He was less than thrilled. We brought it home and I gladly set it up. My kids thought it was just for them to eat at, and although I’m not above sharing, the table was really my spot. However the more I looked at it it was missing something in that space. So I went out to Hobby Lobby and shopped in their 80% off section of home goods and found a chalkboard I thought would look cute. My husband saw what I had picked out and said he would hang it. Here is the transformation! 

Not only did he hang the chalkboard he added a mug rack and a place for my aprons which he created himself from pieces he also found at hobby lobby!! I love my new space all created for under $100. (That includes the table!!) Happy bargain hunting my friends!!

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