It’s a shelf life 

You never know how a garage sale Day will go. You may find the deal of your life and… you might go home empty handed. Today was a good day. I spent about 2 hours this morning finding sales and this is what I ended up with at the end. 

Most was bought to redecorate a shelf my husband made me in my dining room. I visited one garage sale twice because they had such good stuff and I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I went to work right away and here was the result. 

The right Conner was missing something so I did what any self respecting girl would do I jumped in my moms car and had her take me back to that garage sale I had been to twice already for a third trip. I won’t lie I felt a little silly having been there twice already but of course they welcomed me. I ran up knowing what I wanted and hoping it was still there! Much to my surprise it was! Here is the final piece to make it home with me…

It fit nicely in my right corner and the shelf was complete! 

I know what your thinking! She’s crazy the frames are empty! I know, I know! I decided against actual pictures and decided to just put paper in for now from some scrapbook paper I had….and bam it was finished!!! I truly love it! All the pieces were from the garage sale today except the owls which I already had. All the same garage sale. It was worth going three times.   I did buy some shoe cubbies from this same sale but will feature them in their own post. They deserve it don’t you think? Shelf was redecorated for under $35