I’ve got the Back to School Blues

I hate the end of things. I am horribly bad at goodbyes. I hate it when my favorite TV shows end, my favorite book series. I just don’t like saying goodby. So as my summer comes to a close I of course hate saying goodby; to my late nights and late mornings. To my kids endless activities and playdates but most of all I hate saying goodby to another year of my children’s childhood. Another year older toward teenagers and girlfriends. Another year closer to driving a car and moving out…it makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong I know that when something ends a new thing begins. I wanted my kids to stay babies, but then when they got out of diapers I realized that was a happy day. I wanted them to stay toddlers, but realized when they stared going to school that it brought me happiness to watch them learning and discovering. Always asking questions, exploring the world. I have always wanted them to be independent and brave. To feel they can conquer the world. But now I find myself being afraid knowing the hard years are ahead.The world is a mean scary place. What if I’m not doing a good job? What if I didn’t teach them how to stand up for themselves? What if I didn’t teach them how to pick themselves up when someone is cruel to them? What if I didn’t teach them to stay close to the Lord even when people don’t understand what faith is or why people have it?
However, like all things each season of their lives will come to an end and a new one will begin, whether I want it to or not. So I will put on a smile, hug my children close, tell them I love them, tell them I am proud of the tiny humans they have become, cheer them on, be present in their lives and hope that when the day comes that they do leave and move on to the new chapters of their lives, they understand I loved being their mom. I loved being given the opportunity to raise them and love them, and will continue to love them no matter what season of life we are in.

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  1. I have the back to school blues too! So bad!! I am glad I am not alone! I have loved starting my blog and spending so much time with my baby! I am so sad for it to be over and to have to go back to only being with baby a couple hours a day. so not read!

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