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I love fall. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. For all the obvious reasons, the weather, the leaves changing, pumpkins and pumpkin flavored everything, but most of all, my favorite activity of the year is the Farmington Public Annual Library Book Sale!! I anxiously await this time of year. I know what your thinking. A book sale? What is so great about that? Well, Farmington goes all out. Not only are the books a collection of books that the library is recycling but people donate their old and used books as well. Each year it gets more and more hype and people from all over the area come to shop at this sale. Last year the library made $16,000 on its annual book sale! If your town doesn’t have an annual library book sale or you haven’t ever attend one you are missing out! Take a walk with me though my morning and see if it doesn’t prompt you to add one of these to your bucket list!

Bag Choice

Before leaving the house I had to choose which bag to take with me. It proved to be harder than I thought it was going to be. I tried out several bags before settling on my scholastic book bag. Sturdy and able to hold a heavy load, but it also had a good strap to keep on my shoulder. In the past I had taken other bags, however, they were hard to carry and I wanted one that would fit easily on my shoulder. With bag choice in hand, I skipped out the door.

Arrival Time

I arrived at 8:45am. There was already a small line, however, my friends had arrived a few minutes before me and were already in line. They even had a coffee truck available for those early anticipated shoppers. While waiting in line we discussed our strategies for shopping and where we wanted to start. While we waited the line grew longer and longer. I was so happy with myself for getting there early. Once the doors opened it was a mad dash inside to begin shopping!

Going IN
There are two areas for shopping; the inside room and the outside lawn. We decided to tackle the inside room first. There were three long tables with rows and rows of books set up on top of each other. It’s sort of funny that there seems to be a shopping etiquette even though it isn’t posted anywhere. You move down the rows of books (and it is impossible to see all there is to offer) looking though and picking out things you might want. If someone in front of you is going to slow, you go around them, or sometimes you say switch and switch places continuing down the line. This is time-consuming and not for the faint of heart. For a book lover though, it feels live heaven. I tackled the inside in about and hour and a half and was ready to take my way outside.

(for all the time it took me to pick out a bag, I ended up not using it and ended up with a box instead. Next year I won’t even bother with a bag.)

Photo credit: Farmington Public Library 

Farmington Public Library

Then there was the outside…

In the past the outside section was not very large, but as the sale has continued to grow so has the amount of books and needed book space. The outside was a little daunting. For starters, it was pretty hot outside. Most of the books were in a covered space, but the sun was still shining down on your back. It didn’t stop me though. I spent another hour and a half in the outside section. My friends were long gone and I was still shopping. I just felt I couldn’t leave without looking in all the boxes. What if that box held a great treasure! I would have thought about it all the rest of the day and ended up back there. It was just better to push on through.

Sorting Area

This year they had a sorting area. I thought this was an awesome idea. In the sorting area they had a place for you to go through the books you had picked up and to get rid of any you decided not to buy. They also had a place to hold your books while you continued shopping. This was awesome! I did a lot of shopping this year and the holding area was so helpful. I did see a few people trying to shop in the hold area. Sneaky sneaky =) But they were quickly moved away. I began to sort through my two boxes and a bag. I have to admit, I only got rid of a few things. It paid off getting there early. There was a lot of good titles I just couldn’t bear to put back. Then it was on to the pay area. I had to have a volunteer carry my books to the cashier. Two boxes this year!


They made some improvements in this area as well this year. They had someone count your books and tally them up for the cashier. Then they sent you to the cashier that totals your books up. The paperback books are $`1.00, the hardback $2.00, movies $1.00 and audiobooks $1.00. I knew I had done a lot of shopping, but I was a little shocked at my total….$91.00! For a tiny moment I was feeling guilty for spending so much money. It was a lot of money, but on the other hand, I had shopped for 5 people and my classroom! If I had paid full priced it would have doubled or tripled that amount of money! Overall, It truly was a great deal!

Sorting My Treasures

This is truly the best part. If you are a book lover like myself, you know this is true. It is like meeting a new friend. Your just excited to spend time together. I had shopped for myself, my classroom, my two boys, my mom and my husband. It’s so fun to see the looks on their faces as they go through the piles and shout out the titles for one another. Look what I got! Dr. Seuss! More Diary of a Wimpy Kid! It warms my heart.

(This box is for school)
And there you have it. My adventure at the annual library book sale. My family couldn’t believe I spent 4 hours there. To be honest, I probably would have stayed longer if I hadn’t had other obligations in the afternoon. I am set for books for the rest of the year, my boys are set for homework reading and all is happy in our corner of the world.

Does your town have an annual library sale? Do you shop it? Share a picture in the comments of your book stash or a shelfie. I love to see how others organize their books and book spaces!

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