Motivation…4 things that get me moving and one thing that doesn’t

Motivation….What is it? Quite simply it’s what gets us out of bed and moving. It’s the reason we do what we do. I have always wondered why some people have so much motivation and drive while others have little to none. Is it what we eat? How we live or don’t live? In my experience what I eat and drink does effect how much energy I do seem to have but it has to be more than that. I can be eating the same clean eating foods as the next guy but that doesn’t mean I am getting up and training as a crossfire athlete. Which by the way are totally awesome athletes. A lot of research has been put into what motivates others to do a good job in the workplace, bosses really want to know the answer to that million dollar question, but I think that motivation has to come from within first. If you don’t have at least a little motivation to do a good job, accomplish the goal, even if you haven’t actually set it, or finish the project it isn’t going to get done. Simple as that. I have a lot of friends that run daily, eat healthy and live busy lives. Why can’t we all be doing that? Simply because we don’t want to.

Here are 4 things that get me motivated to make a change….

There is a reason that my Pinterest board with quotes has the most pins to it. Words are powerful. They can jolt your soul even if you don’t know it needs to be jolted! Whether you are getting quotes from reading books (I always pick out a favorite line of all books I read, it’s how I connect with the book and the moral of the story) or browsing Pinterest find something that motivates you. Write it down. Post it on the wall. Read it over and over. There is a reason it spoke to your soul. Embrace it!

“IF you Don’t Have
Big Dream & Goals
You’ll End Up
Working Really Hard
For Someone Who Does”

2. Music
I love music. Wether I’m listening to it or playing it, it makes me feel different. Either energized or calmed it speaks to me. I have different stations for different moods and they do the trick overtime in getting me where I need to be at the moment. Maybe I’m being silly with my kids, or calming my students there is a PANDORA station for that. Here are my top four:
Workout: Dance Cardio Radio
Hanging with my kids: Disney Radio
Calming my students: Native American Flutes
Relaxing or calming down: Benjamin Francis Leftwich Radio (My all time favorite station) I Love indie rock


3. Other People’s Stories
Testimonials I guess you would call this. It could range from someone trying a cleaning product they loved or a weight loss goal they reached but their stories talk to me! I feel empowered to try it. I feel like hey, I can do that! If they can, and it worked for them, why not me! If there is something on that bucket list you have always wanted to do but think you never could, find someone who has done it. I watched one of my Facebook friends hike Zion National Park this summer, something that has been on my bucket list for so long, and I truly thought if she can do that with her husband why can’t I? It’s one reason I went back to the gym and started my running program. I am going to get there someday. Ask questions, watch videos, get inspired. Everyone has to take a first step!

4. A Cheerleader
Everyone needs a cheerleader. I have a great family with great family support. If I want to do something I tell them. they pump me up and encourage me to try it. Find someone who will cheer you on and support your goals. Find someone who can see the good in you even if you can’t.

And the one true motivation killer…..


No-one has room for negativity in their lives. Whether you are causing yourself to sabotage your goals by negative self talk or the people in your life are, get rid of it and get rid of them. Your life will be better for it. A personal example of this…I was working in a very negative environment and all the coworkers there spoke badly about one another, and the workplace. It was hard to get up and go to that environment everyday. I got tired of feeling that way. I don’t like gossip and I truly don’t like being mean to others. Don’t get me wrong I participated but I usually felt bad afterwards. So I come up with a plan to rid myself of the negativity. We had three dogs at the time, and our yard was being overcome by dog poop. I told myself that if I said a negative thing about someone or something relating to work I would have to spend 5 minutes picking up dog poop. Now, this was self-regulated but I stuck to it. People laughed at me when I told them I couldn’t join in the conversations anymore. The first couple of days I was out there picking up poop for a while. It was hard not to join in. I won’t lie, a few time I felt like it was even with picking up poop for. But slowly over time, I quite doing it contributing. People knew I was going to have to pick up poop if I said anything bad about others and sometimes they would wait to see if I was going to do it. Did others around me stop doing it? Heaven’s no! But they knew I wasn’t going to participate and usually found another place for gossiping. You have the choice of what come into your life and what doesn’t. Choose good. Your life will be so much better for it.

There you have it! Get up! Get moving! Find that motivator. The only one that is stopping you is you.

11 Replies to “Motivation…4 things that get me moving and one thing that doesn’t”

  1. Good list, and love your quote. Yes, we all end up working for someone else who has that big dream, unless we grasp on to ours, and don’t let go!

  2. Music is what’s motivated me. Interesting that you would mention others people’s stories. I think that is a great motivator for most of us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So true — negativity gets us nowhere! I struggle with remembering that because it’s a habit. But I’m working on it. Love the tips here!

  4. I’m motivated by my boyfriend as well as other people’s stories. Some stories move me in such a way that I just want to become better at what I do.

  5. Negativity is definitely the killer of all motivation for me! People think that when naysayers tell you you can’t do something it should motivate you, but it really just makes me angry. Even though it might help me make my goal, it makes me angry and bitter in the long run

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