Read to live a hundred lifetimes 

So this afternoon I read a Goodreads post that has a quote that read “read the books that make you happy even if they are not classics or have never won awards.” There were several comments praising and agreeing with the quote and then there was one that wasn’t. I am all for having your own opinion but wow this women was looking down on anyone who hadn’t read Moby Dick and even worse if you weren’t  aspiring to read said book. 

This women was a teacher I found out later in the comments! That hurt my soul. We tell kids all the time to read what they love or are passionate about. So sad that you would put people down and call them unintelligent because they hadn’t read a classic. Now off my soap box and on to the more fun part of the post. 

I read a lot!! And I’m no book snob. If I find it interesting I’ll read it. This year I decided to take the popsugar 2017 book challenge. popsugar 2017 book challenge. I thought I was on track on the list. Even created a cute page in my smashbook…

Till I looked at my Goodreads list and then my neatly created list. I realized that I wasn’t keeping track of which book went where. So then I moved to this list.

And then life got better. However at the beginning of the year I had fallen in love with a new author I had found Autumn Lake and binge read a series called lost Kings MC that she wrote. (Thank you amazon ads on Facebook). Point being that I was and still am totally in love with the series but was far away from the goal of finishing the challenge. Did it make me less of a person because I strayed from the list to read something I loved? Absolutely not. Did it mean I wasn’t going to make the challenge because I had taken a detour? No it did not.

To the single minded Goodreads lady I would say this…I have read 43 books so far this year with 12 books left to make the challenge. This marks the single most books I have ever read in one year with half the year to go. I feel more accomplished than any other year. I’m doing something I love and falling more in love as I read books I wouldn’t normally read none of which would fall in the classic literature category. Books are meant to be loved and when they touch your soul you carry them with you forever.

Whether you are reading Moby Dick or Archie comics keep reading! Fall in love with your characters and carry them wherever you go. You will live a hundred lives within the pages of a book.

If contemporary romance is your thing read this series! Love Love Loved it! 

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