Recommending fruits and veggies

Do you have a love hate relationship with veggies and fruit? You know you should eat more of them but there just seems to be something else you would rather eat? Maybe juicing is something you should try. After watching an awesome documentary on Netflix called Fat sick and nearly dead I decided to give it a try. We had bought a juicer a few years before that that was collecting dust in my cabinet so I pulled it out and gave it a try. At first I didn’t see a difference but then I started to noticed I didn’t crave sugar anymore and I started having a lot more energy. I started juicing every morning for breakfast and noticed a huge difference in my health. No headaches, no colds. 

Still skeptical? Think it takes to much time? Your thinking I don’t want to drink weird vegetables? Let’s walk through the process and see if you change your mind. 

First is the juicer. Mine is not real fancy. It’s a Hamilton Beach which I bought at Big Lots. I place the plastic bag into the catcher to make for easier cleanup. 

Next the veggies and fruit. This is a simple juice made with lettuce, carrots, apples and a lemon. All those yummy veggies are going into my one juice. (Only one bunch of lettuce). 

Once I have put all the veggies through the juicer the discarded part of the fruit and vegetables are caught in the bag. I take the bag out, tie a knot and into the trash it goes. 

Lastly before drinking your juice you have to clean your machine. This part takes the longest in the process. You need to clean the blades that the juice goes through. I use a toothbrush. I feel it gets the blades cleanest the fastest. 

Then it’s juice time!! 

How much time do you think it took from start to finish? Are you surprised to learn it took only around 10 minutes! About the same time it takes to fry eggs for breakfast or make oatmeal! 

Still not convinced? Here are 12 benefits of juicing that might seal the deal for you!

  1. Your able to consume more fruits and veggies 
  2. Easier to digest
  3. Provides more energy
  4. Less sugar cravings
  5. Detoxes the body
  6. Helps you stay hydrated 
  7. Relieves stress
  8. Able to get better sleep
  9. Raises PH balances in our bodies
  10. Reduces risk of cancer
  11. Boosts immune system
  12. Helps protect against cardiovascular disease 

2 Replies to “Recommending fruits and veggies”

  1. We love our juicer. Thanks for the tip about using a bag and toothbrush! Now for your favorite recipes?!

    1. My favorite is the mean green with a twist. 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 green apple, 1 large cucumber, 3 stars of celery, 1 lime or half of a lemon, and a half of container of strawberries. The strawberries make it taste so yummy!

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